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some of my reaktor ensembles

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you need native instruments reaktor4 or reaktor session to use these software-synthesizers, effects and soundgenerators. more of my ensembles (and many others) are available for download at the native instruments user library.

ginger generates selfsimilar music
Rez4 driver & resonators, ambient drone synth
grainstates classic sequenced graincloud atmos, sounds like the 1st one
mmmd1 morphing minimal drummachine
anothermadloop another random noise-loop generator
MadLoop1 random noise-loop generator
obvious4 a groovebox built around table modules
pcr2 pattern controlled resonator mk2
MadPad pad-controlled morphing effect, snapshots by jam el mar
xy-fx1 kaoss-pad(tm) like multi effect
ChaOsc1 experimental 1-osc motion-synth
clix2002 sequenced noise/atmo/percussion-synth
rlxp2 resynth loop explorer 2 (4 resynth loops and fx)
OvalSq 3-voice sample-loop-recycler with effects
Stereoide stereosynth, good for pads
RmCricket1 ambient noise & clicks & strings
MultiBandDelay1 MultiBandDelay
LATanga plucked string synth with samples as driver
cs-15 cs-15 analog synth emulation
ICBM106 sequenced cbm-synth & "permutator"
autowave pad/atmo-generator
cbmSynth128 sid emulation  and more
clix percussion/ambient-noise generator, the very first version

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