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pd-patches made for 'generative radio'

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my contributions to radio.rumblesan.com, and other 'generative patches'.
puredata-patches which 'play themselves' in a windchime like way, based on random- and other processes. should run in latest pd vanilla. (reverse order of appearance)

random_minimal4v generates random 'minimal music' (needs pianosamples from freesound.org)
rule110patterns rhythm patterns based on cellular automaton
metro_plucks 6 (plucked, virtual) strings
off_festival distant music and other noises
tonecluster sine-clusters, clicks and bass
euclidean patterns clicks, synth and bass, fx, based on euclidean rhythms
not always euclidean. (i had forgotten to implement the 2nd half of the algorithm...) though it makes nice patterns still
irrational clicks based on cycles with irrational length, chords, fx and graincloud
lower_density sine-beating controlling synth, clicks and noises
cloudsalias random synth used as input for graincloud-sampler
cant talk using resonator-chords and buffer-fx
plinktank non-interactive version of the 'plink'-rjdjscene (granular synth)
sprayloops random plucks added to a looper
rns based on the 'random noise synth'-patch/scene
sinecyclesfm slowly mutating trigger cycles
clickstrings random arpeggios, phasevocoder pads etc. partly based on 'go on'-rjdjscene
adding blips 2011 based on 'add blips' rjdj-scene

my rjdj-scenes (official and unreleased/beta). rjdj was a 'puredata-runtime' for mobile devices. download all my (finished) rjdj-scenes uncompressed in one archive, for manual install on i-/android-/whatever-device.
rjdj scenes

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