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my pure data patches

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patches for pure data, made with/compatible with the latest pd vanilla (0.53). older patches may require an older version of pd, or some tweaking. i use (sometimes (mostly not)) the following libs and externals: iem-lib, zexy, ggee, unauthorized (grid,playlist), wiimote,command (shell), sfizz, mrpeach and only once pdp. most should work with pd vanilla now, though you need wiimote and grid for the respective patches.

license lgpl2 and cc by sa

my instruments (02/2023) collection of mostly messy (looking) and partially (un)documented patches which i used to make music. maybe it is usefull for someone. work in progress and might evolve into a more advanced collection in the future... instrumentlist

wt-ring wavetableringmod drone with 8bit wavetables
vosimish1 clusters/chords of vosim-tones
wtnoiseloop looped random noisegenerator based on wavetables
studio1 a collection of granular sampleloops, synths, audioplayers and noisegenerators with midi- and parameter looping (v23a)
cells2 another selfsimilar rhythm-generator example
seq453 rhythmicon inspired sequencer and paraphonic synth
sequenzquadrat20a 16 x 8 step matrixsequencer with 8 tracks (small bugfix)
bsts basic scale based step sequencers/(not)arpeggiators
7tones2 drone/noise performance synth a little closer to the chaosmonster-series
dull granular sampler quite obvious and usual polyphonic granular sampler (now with fx)
7tones drone/noise performance synth
qtfm1 sequenced atmo/drone generator with fx
threeosc1 more or less classic 3 osc (mono)synth
virtual(virtual)devices a framework (within a framework...) to quickly build musical instruments, soundgenerators, generative ensembles etc. a virtual modular-rack (07/2020)
historynoise1 feedback based noise/drone synth
chaosmonsterconstructionkit (semi)modular synth for feedbackpatches
sixtracking (not) a tracker with 6 channels
generative collection patches to make generative music and sound, (06/2019)
groovebox2 modular groovebox, v02/2019
midistep1 polyphonic stepsequencer
rns3 (subtractive) random noise synth3
chaosmonster5-6 two more variations of the chaosmonster, fewer complex, or more simple oscillators
pure_modules modular building blocks, virtual modular rack v0.20
stepcycles1 & counterseq1 2 different polyrhythmic stepsequencers
grain_delay3 granular delay with freeze and feedback
chaosmonster02/03/04 three simpler variations of the chaosmonster, with sync, waveshaping and paf-fm
small paul small and simple implementation of paul nascas paulstretch-algorithm
rez14 endless drone chord
feedbackroom feedback in a simple roomsimulation
grainsamplerfx granular effect
wolframdrums 1-dimensional cellular automaton rhythm generator
fmdrone1 drone synth based on 2 op fm
two_ops1poly polyphonic 2 op fm synth.
2oscringnoise1 'virtual analog' 2 osc fm/ringmod noise synth
randomperc1 random pattern and modal percussion synth
vmix1 trivial 4 channel videomixer, 1st attempt, needs gem
2polefbloop 2 poles moving in the complex-plane. noiseloop generator
grainstates2 turning everything into an ambient mess, since 2001. some improvements
ppsq1 proof-of-concept player-piano(piano roll)-editor/recorder using datastructures
nanopadseq1 4x8steps. heaviely inspired by sebastian tomczak (little-scale)s sequencers for use with a korg nanopad (or similar controller)
steadystateblur1 padsynth like drone effect
randrezloop1 resonator based random noiseloop generator
madloop1 random-fm-noise-synth loopgenerator (more like the 2003 one)
rksubnoiseloop 'recursive' subtractive (noise)synth with fm
ginger2 fractal music generator with fm
groovebox1r4 'refurbished' version of my 1st groovebox, 2 sequenced synths and drums, for pd vanilla
sequenzquadrat3 16 step matrix-sequencer plus effects and soundgenerators
chaosmonster1 frequency- and ringmodulation based noise generator
wii_grid_add_blips1 music-toy using soundinput,"touchscreen" and wii-mote
wii_plink particle-generator, with wiimote control
rns1pd random noise synth, puredata version with wiimote control
cells1 cellular music/rhythmn generator idea
readymade3a1 selfsimilar music generator
randomsub2 subtractive random-synth-loop
grainstates granular sequenced synth with fx, quite close to the reaktor-ensemble with the same name.
fbfm recursive feedback fm noise with effects
newscoolish'mutual fm drummachine', inspired by lazyfish's famous reaktor ensemble

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